First of all, allow me to sincerely welcome you to the Materials and Nanotechnology

Research Centre (MNRC).It is the first centre of its kind in Sudan in terms of nanotechnology

and is expected to contribute significantly to the knowledge-based economy of Sudan.

We fully appreciate at the MNRC that our field is multidisciplinary in nature

and are thus open to all kinds of collaboration. The MNRC combines

expertise from engineering and science where applied research is

reinforced with advanced computation for modeling, simulation and design of

materials. We aspire to contribute considerably to the society needs in terms of materials

for manufacture, energy, environment, electronics and sustainability.

Our prime focus will be on developing new materials as well as enhancing the

performance of already established technologies. We are confident that,

through joint efforts with all stakeholders and with the

support of regional and international partners, we will be able to

contribute to the economic progress of Sudan.